Wow, Submit Unlimited Articles to this Article Submission Service

Submit Your Article now allows you to submit unlimited articles to the article submission service.  This is a service that I have used for the past 3 years and I have to say that the more consistent I am with using the service, the more results I see.  As with anything, consistency is the key.

What I like about this service is that they allow you to create different versions of your articles, but they do it in a way that still provides a good quality article.  One that you would be proud to put on your own website, and not some computer random generated article that sounds like you are not a native speaker of the language.  This feature is valuable in itself because once you do this step, you can go back and get a new version of your article to post someplace else, like on a web2.0 property.

Their price just went up, but you can get this service before the price goes up again.  It is still very reasonable to be able to submit unlimited articles a month.   I am looking forward to where this service will be going.

If you sign up for this service today, you can still get it a the incredibly good rate of $47/month.

Submit Your Article Article Submission Service

Free Ebook For Trying out Submit Your Article

For the next (as of this moment) 43 people who sign up to use the Submit your article service. You can get a free ebook on article marketing.  This ebook gives you the low down on how to have a successful article marketing campaign.  Some of the tips that are covered I haven’t seen anywhere else.  Here is some of what is in the ebook:

* How to develop an Article Marketing Strategy to maximize your success

* The special ‘Content Creation I__________’ technique

* The powerful ‘Bait, R________, S________’ formula for long-term traffic growth

* What you should NEVER include in your articles … so many people start off making this mistake

* The secret of how to construct your Resource Box to maximum effect in order to build long-term traffic from article marketing

* What you should always include in your resource box, in addition to a link to your website

* Outsourcing article creation – when to outsource, some useful tips, and common pitfalls to avoid

* How to conduct effective keyword research for article marketing – you’ll get an example of how keyword research can effectively double the traffic you would otherwise receive. You must understand this technique for effective article marketing.

Following many of the techniques in this ebook will allow you to make your investment in the service back many times over!

To quickly take advantage of this offer, you can find it here:  Free ebook offer

Submit Your Article – How Different Is This Article Submission Service?

There are a number of different article submission services out there today that will submit your article to many different article directories. Article submission is a large part of article marketing that can bring a lot of quality traffic to your web site. Having this process automated for you is key. So how is Submit Your Article Different?

I have been using them and am getting some great results. The problem that I have always had in the past is consistency. The more you are consistent, the faster you will see results and the more traffic you will receive. Article submission services are a great way to automate that consistency. Submit Your Article I feel is a great solution because of the following:

1) They are a paid service, so spammers will tend to avoid them. That means the quality of the articles they submit are higher and the quality article directories will be more likely to accept articles from this service (like Ezine Articles and Go Articles).

2) They have a technology called Article Leverage, which allows you to automate the process of submitting different articles to the different directories. The way the process is set up, you are still creating quality articles that are valuable to the reader, however the content is different enough such that your links bring back more juice to your web site.

3) They have their own highly trafficked, high ranking article directory. They get over 1 million visitors a month to their article directory. Articles I’ve written years ago still get views to this day.

4) They have a time release submission. Usually article submission is a process where suddenly a bunch of links are pointing back to your web site in a short period of time, you will get temporarily dinged by the search engines. This submission services time releases your article submission to up to a month, so you get more natural link build up back to your website.

5) Their distribution network is large. They distribute their articles to websites, article directories, content portals, and individual publishers so your articles will get a wide exposure range.

Submit Your Article is a top notch service to get quality traffic to your website because you aren’t spamming anything and their quality check reduces the number of spam articles that get through. If you want you articles to be in the league of higher quality articles, then this is a good service to start out with.

Check out their service.

Article Submission Service Steps It Up a Huge Notch

One of the things that many seasoned Internet Marketers will tell you is that if the number of links pointing to your website spike sharply, your site will take a hit (move lower) in the search engine results because the search engines don’t see that as natural behavior. They see natural behavior as a lower but steady growth in the number of links pointing to your website.

When you submit your article to an article submission service, the number of links pointing to your website rises sharply because your article is delivered to hundreds of websites in a short period of time. So your article submission can sometimes cause temporary hits to your search engine results. So how do you use the time-saving benefit of article submission services and not have to take a negative hit to your search engine results?

Submit Your Articles now has a feature where they will slowly drip your article submissions over a period of time that you program. This feature combined with the unique article feature really gives your article submissions a natural and more unique growth pattern so your website won’t take the hit in the search engines. It will actually benefit.

Get Submit Your Article article submission service.

The Newbie Blueprint – Guide To Article Affiliate Marketing

Of all of the ebooks that I have read on article affiliate marketing I would say that this one is up there.  This is the most comprehensive of the ebooks that I have seen that will take you step by step through what the author had to do for himself to make him $3000 a month in affiliate sales.  Make no mistake about it, this method does require your time and work.  However if you know how to write articles, then you have a powerful and detailed strategy to use to get you your $3000 a month.  The worksheet packet that comes with the ebook is very helpful in keeping you focused and on track for building up your affiliate income very quickly.  I am currently implementing this system and I am seeing an increase in traffic and as I continue with the process, I expect to see an increase in the number of affiliate referrals that I get as well.

For those who are just starting out and want to use a strategy that has a proven income stream and are not afraid of hard work, then this is the program that is a great place to start off.  If you don’t know how to write articles, then you can either use ghost writers or you can use an article writing service that takes you step by step through the process of writing articles very quickly.

The Newbie Blueprint is easy to follow and also relatively inexpensive.  You don’t need to use a lot of expensive tools to make it work.  The most expensive part of this strategy will be from creating the articles if you don’t know how to do that already.  The investment is very reasonable for what you receive.

Web Page Content – Do It Right and Earn $$$$ Through Authority Site Center

Authority Site Center is the reinvented version of the old Content Desk membership program. IT has been revamped and charged up to a new level of performance. The basic mission is to teach it’s members how to create content-based websites that are high quality, provide value to their visitors, are long lasting and also generate income. Many programs developed over the last year have focused on building poor quality content-based sites quickly that generate income but are then gone when the search engines update their algorithms. All that work just to start over again. At Authority Site Center, they believe that if you are going to put all that work into creating sites to generate income, you might as well create something that is going to last.
The power of the Authority Site Center is in the leadership of Jack Humphrey, creator of Friday Traffic Report, and Authority Black Book 2008. Who believes if you focus on creating good sites, and getting links to them, the search engine traffic will take care of itself. Members of this close knit community have access to a 60 day content building strategy that would cost $10,000 to anyone purchasing this strategy to build their content web site. Along with blogging and utility software such as trackboost, utility poster and web2submitter, that takes full advantage of the techniques that increase traffic to your blog, members receive powerful bonuses (including Authority Black Book 2008), and also monthly training sessions to help both beginners and experienced site builders alike. The forums are a wonderful place to receive additional insight and support and for the most part someone is always willing to help. On occasion questions go unanswered, however, there hasn’t been a forum I’ve seen where that hasn’t been the case. One of the most powerful and hidden benefits are the web 2.0 community that integrate the power of web 2.0 with the content sites that the members build. I don’t want to say much more about this because it is a secret only for those members.
Authority Site Center also has special relationships with other Internet Marketers out there and as a result, they are in the position to learn about new products and services related to Internet marketing than everyone else. Each feature alone makes it worth the value of the membership. Beginners in the web content business get a detailed 16 step startup manual, so there is no excuse to not get your first authority site up and running within 30 days. In addition to the manual, there are a host of training videos on almost all aspects of web content, including many web 2.0 training videos. More are being added every month.
The membership to Authority Site Center gives you access to the content building strategy, the beginners 16 step startup manual, the forum and the supercharged blog software, utility software, bonus tools, the special web 2.0 tools and community, unlimited use of the blog software, the training sessions and access to the new tools that are constantly being developed.
I would say the biggest benefit of this membership site is that this is one of the best places on the Internet to find joint venture partners to work with. Most everyone here is of like mind and isn’t in it for the short term gain. Your products and services will be more likely promoted with quality sites and people using quality methods of promotion. There is nothing worse that creating a great product and getting smeared because someone is using spammy methods just to make a quick buck.
The membership can be pricey if you are not serious about creating authority sites that generate a lot of traffic. If you are, then it is well worth the price. I have seen members go from obscurity to highly trafficked sites in their own specialized niche within 6-9 months by following the system. The good part is that these sites will be more likely to be around in 4 -5 years instead of blacklisted by the search engines. $397 a month is nothing compared to learning how to leave your competition in the dust.

Find out more about how you can supercharge your web content.

How To Monetize Your Articles – Article Cash Review

This eBook has been around however it is still should be in everyone’s toolbox who is interested in monetizing their article writing efforts. Article Cash is a detailed strategy on

1) how to find interesting subjects to write about,

2) how to create articles quickly,

3) how to write articles for the different types of monetization techniques and

4) how to find products and services to promote for lifetime residual income.

This eBook is excellent for the beginner who would love to learn how to write articles quickly and monetize them. It shares some great ideas on how to use them in your auto-responder series and in eBooks as well as use them in other ezine newsletters.

The eBook also goes over in detail an auto-responder series you can use to promote affiliate programs – an actual example of an auto responder series is listed so all the reader has to do is copy it and change it to the niche they are working with as well as using their own style of writing. This section could have been structured a bit differently as I had to read it twice to see what was going on, however once I did that, it became clear what the series was and I could see the different messages in the example.
The eBook goes into good detail about how to find affiliate programs and even some good places to find the different types of affiliate programs, residual and one-time. The strategies used are a bit different and the eBook goes into detail about these differences, which could cause you to double or triple your response rate if followed.

The strongest aspects of the eBook are in the examples and the resources that are given, as well as the strategies to implement them. Someone reading this eBook could begin implementing these strategies right away if they wanted to. The strategies are solid and would work when followed. There may be a need to tweak and test, but you get some guidelines (like how much you need to make per affiliate product in order to make a profit).

Some of the weak points is that if you are a brand new beginner that doesn’t know terms like an auto-responder, you could be lost for a couple of days until you catch yourself up on the lingo. While the eBook does mention other things like writing effective titles, it doesn’t go into much detail on how to do that. However you can refer to products and services like Turn Words Into Traffic, or Drive Traffic To My Website where they go into great detail about how to crate catch titles. Drive Traffic To My Website will even help you create a catchy title.

All in all, this is a solid book that should be in everyone’s toolkit if they are interested in learning a solid way to monetize their article writing efforts.  If you are even remotely interested in learning how to monetize your articles, you should make the minimal investment and get Article Cash today.

Article Marketing – An Alchemistic Approach to Getting Hungry Visitors To Your Website

This review is about one of the many ebooks in article marketing. I have read this ebook and for only $7 it does pack a lot of information into it. The basic premise behind the ebook is to write your articles such that the reader is dying to go to your website for more information. That makes sense to me as that is the whole purpose of writing articles in the first place (or second place for some of you reading ths ;^)

This ebook starts with the premise of a powerful headline and why you want to have one. The author did mention a reason that I hadn’t really thought of before in terms of article marketing, so this is something I will be adding to my articles in the future.

The author goes through some tips you can use to make your article more enticing, and more readable. Again, his whole point is to get people to the resource box so they can click to your website. As you would expect, he then covers resource boxes and gives you some suggestions as to how to word your sentences so the reader will be more likely to click to your website. I have written up some articles and I am going to use some of his suggestions to see just how much additional traffic I get by using these suggestions.

The ebook even gives you about a half a dozen places in which you can submit your articles to for more exposure. I even learned something about where to submit my articles to get powerful links back to my website. You also get a sizeable list of where you can bookmark your artices as well.

The course then goes into how to structure an article and how to find ideas to write about. I get a lot of questions on the subject of how to find a topic to write about, so this ebook points anyone with that question in the right direction.

The last section talks about how to use your articles to make money, and gives you some ideas on how you can package them for additional revenues. Some of this information I hadn’t heard before.

Overall for only $7, I would recommend this ebook, Alchemistic Articles. You definitely get more than $7 of information, and if you know this stuff already, then you may get some new ideas on an old topic. It could beef up some of the other sections a bit more, but than the ebook wouldn’t be working at all

One thing I would have added to the ebook are some article submission services. Some of them are very very good and that would be a great way to accelerate your results.

Buy this ebook today and begin marketing your articles much more powerfully tomorrow!.

Purchase Alchemistic Articles

Need to buy articles? – There’s Need an Article Writers You Can Use.

For those Internet Entrepreneurs that have realized the importance of article marketing but they don’t know how to create or write articles for themselves, they can always buy articles. There are several ways to do this, you can buy private label articles, or you can pay someone to write your articles for you. The service I’m reviewing is one that writes your articles for you, which is called Need An Article.

Need An Article is actually a membership site that gives you access to writers who actually write unique individual articles for you. You have to pay for each article that is written and it is very reasonable. Prices range from $5.52 to $12.50 for articles ranging from 550 to 1000 words. You can also have a press release written for $16.75. These articles are all unique and are not rewrites of private label articles (although you can have that done for $6.75).

You can have an article written up on almost any subject – although I don’t know if illegal, hate-filled, or porn articles are accepted, so if that is your focus, then you may want to check with them first before joining. When you request an article, you choose the size, and also describe the format that you want for the article. Information the suggest including is the following:

– PROVIDE EXAMPLES — Try to give links to articles which model exactly what you’d like.
– PROVIDE SAMPLE SOURCES — Give links to web pages that display content in the specific aspect of the topic you’d like your article written on.
– SUGGEST ARTICLE STRUCTURE — Suggest a paragraph format with the sub-heading information in each paragraph – I include keyword phrases to use in the article here.

The closer you follow this format, the faster you will get back your article and the more happy you will be with your article. The also have a very detailed blog post about how to get a solid article written by one of their writers.

The quality of the articles that were written were very well done. They were written by English speakers, and read that way. You don’t have to worry about getting articles from people who don’t speak the language, and for the same price per article on elance, you are taking your chances on it being an English speaker or not.

The interface of the site is a bit simplistic, almost to the point of being cheesy, but it does get the job done and is a small price to pay for receiving quality articles at a good price. All of the articles you have requested stay in your account so you can see what you have had written up. You also have a running log of what articles are still in the queue and what articles have been rejected.

Since each writer has their own style that you may or may not like, a new feature is coming that will allow you to pick your own writer to write specific articles for you. Until this feature is completed, this is the biggest drawback I see with the system, but it sounds as if it won’t remain that way for long.

All in all, Need an Article writing service gives you excellent value for your money. The range of services they provide would cover most situations that anyone would encounter for writing articles to promote their products and services. For the low monthly fee of $9.95 it is certainly worth the price to get access to quality writers. The simple interface, and lack of being able to choose your writer doesn’t get in the way of being able to make use of this service and fill in the need having quality articles as an important component of your Internet Marketing Efforts.

Buy articles or find out more about Need an Article and get your marketing efforts off of the ground today.

Article Submission Services That Boost Your Credibility and Bring Traffic To Your Site

Sign up for Submit Your Article

Article submission services save a tremendous amount of time when it comes to getting the word out about what you do and where you wish to be seen. As a result, it is important to pick an article submission service that will serve your needs and get your articles out in a powerful way.

Submit Your Article is such an online article submission service. I have been using it for the past 2 years every month and it hasn’t failed me up to this moment. One of the features I like about Submit Your Article is the relationship it has with other article directories. Your articles end up appearing in some very popular places like SiteProNews, Ezine Articles, Idea Marketers and Go Articles just to name a few places. There are hundreds and hundreds of websites your articles can end up in and not only is it a great way to get links back to your website, but it is also a great way to get exposure.

Submit your article also lists many other directories that you can submit your articles to manually. These directories are of high quality and get a lot of traffic. I submitted one of my articles to one of these directories and it ended up being a feature article in their newsletter. I got a bunch of sign-ups to my mailing list from that article. I also signed up for other article directories listed in their list that I receive traffic from to this day.

One of the powerful features that really make this service worth it and no other article submitter program out there does this, is that they combine a unique article wizard like feature with producing quality articles called Article Leverage, and you now have the ability to submit a different version of a high quality article to all of the article directories out there. That means you get much more bang for your buck when it comes to submitting articles. It takes about 1/2 hour to set it up properly. The purpose is to create an article that is of high quality and still of value, but to make it more unique. You receive a detailed PDF on how to make the most of this feature. This one feature alone puts Submit Your Article above the other article submission services out there.

Submit Your Article charges a monthly fee of $37 per month to submit up to 8 articles or about 2 articles a week. This service is quite reasonable as it comes down to less than $5 per article to submit your article to the top article directories on the Internet. The submission service allows you to submit your article in text format and the resource box in text and html format. The service also allows you to use up to 2 anchor text links in your resource box. This is nice because you can build up your link popularity for the keyword of your choice in your article submission.

Some Drawbacks:

There are a limited number of categories that you can submit to so you can’t get as targeted as you might like to get. However, the number of categories they do have should cover most of the niches out there today. For those of you who are on an article blitzkrieg, you may not feel as if 8 a month is enough, so that may be a drawback for you. For the majority of people out there, 2 articles a week is usually too much for them anyway. I know in the whole time I have used the service, I have never run out of article publishing credits.

In Summary:

For those of you who are serious about article marketing, and want to publish articles that get results because they are of high quality, then Submit Your Article is the article submission service for you. Its reasonable cost and powerful unique article feature will put you ahead of your competition when it comes to article marketing.

The service does some quality control as well so articles that are submitted by this service tend to be of higher quality. Also the fact that there is a monthly fee is a measure of quality control as well because most people who want to spam article directories with junk articles (and I have seen some really junk articles out there), don’t want to spend their money to spam, so the spammers will tend to avoid Submit Your Article. Also, your articles get submitted rather quickly because there are fewer people using the service.

Sign up for Submit Your Article and get your article marketing started in a powerful way.