Web Page Content – Do It Right and Earn $$$$ Through Authority Site Center

Authority Site Center is the reinvented version of the old Content Desk membership program. IT has been revamped and charged up to a new level of performance. The basic mission is to teach it’s members how to create content-based websites that are high quality, provide value to their visitors, are long lasting and also generate income. Many programs developed over the last year have focused on building poor quality content-based sites quickly that generate income but are then gone when the search engines update their algorithms. All that work just to start over again. At Authority Site Center, they believe that if you are going to put all that work into creating sites to generate income, you might as well create something that is going to last.
The power of the Authority Site Center is in the leadership of Jack Humphrey, creator of Friday Traffic Report, and Authority Black Book 2008. Who believes if you focus on creating good sites, and getting links to them, the search engine traffic will take care of itself. Members of this close knit community have access to a 60 day content building strategy that would cost $10,000 to anyone purchasing this strategy to build their content web site. Along with blogging and utility software such as trackboost, utility poster and web2submitter, that takes full advantage of the techniques that increase traffic to your blog, members receive powerful bonuses (including Authority Black Book 2008), and also monthly training sessions to help both beginners and experienced site builders alike. The forums are a wonderful place to receive additional insight and support and for the most part someone is always willing to help. On occasion questions go unanswered, however, there hasn’t been a forum I’ve seen where that hasn’t been the case. One of the most powerful and hidden benefits are the web 2.0 community that integrate the power of web 2.0 with the content sites that the members build. I don’t want to say much more about this because it is a secret only for those members.
Authority Site Center also has special relationships with other Internet Marketers out there and as a result, they are in the position to learn about new products and services related to Internet marketing than everyone else. Each feature alone makes it worth the value of the membership. Beginners in the web content business get a detailed 16 step startup manual, so there is no excuse to not get your first authority site up and running within 30 days. In addition to the manual, there are a host of training videos on almost all aspects of web content, including many web 2.0 training videos. More are being added every month.
The membership to Authority Site Center gives you access to the content building strategy, the beginners 16 step startup manual, the forum and the supercharged blog software, utility software, bonus tools, the special web 2.0 tools and community, unlimited use of the blog software, the training sessions and access to the new tools that are constantly being developed.
I would say the biggest benefit of this membership site is that this is one of the best places on the Internet to find joint venture partners to work with. Most everyone here is of like mind and isn’t in it for the short term gain. Your products and services will be more likely promoted with quality sites and people using quality methods of promotion. There is nothing worse that creating a great product and getting smeared because someone is using spammy methods just to make a quick buck.
The membership can be pricey if you are not serious about creating authority sites that generate a lot of traffic. If you are, then it is well worth the price. I have seen members go from obscurity to highly trafficked sites in their own specialized niche within 6-9 months by following the system. The good part is that these sites will be more likely to be around in 4 -5 years instead of blacklisted by the search engines. $397 a month is nothing compared to learning how to leave your competition in the dust.

Find out more about how you can supercharge your web content.

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