Articles Writing Them Is Easier Than You Think

Do you want to learn how to write an article? Writing articles is easier than you may think when you have resources that guide you step by step through the writing process. There is one resource that has helped me to write articles, and that resource is an ebook called Turn Words Into Traffic.

Turn Words Into traffic covers all of the necessary aspects of writing articles and is definitely written for the beginner. It covers the following topics:

The article writing process – this covers everything from targeting your audience, to brainstorming your topics to polishing your article and the parts of any highly effective article – to all of the steps in between.

  • The money-making article blueprint – why people will read your articles
  • Techniques for promoting with your articles
  • Getting your article ready for distribution
  • Getting other people to publish your articles
  • Promoting your articles in Ezines
  • Promoting to article directories
  • Promoting your articles in the search engines
  • Making your article viral
  • How to market with articles when you don’t have the time yourself
  • Other creative uses for articles

As you can see with the above this resources covers all of the aspects you would need to not only create an article, because it goes into great detail with each step of the process.. It even preps you for the future for writing follow-up articles, which by the way, is what you need to properly use articles to market you products and services.

I have taken a long running survey on what keeps people from writing articles and

  • Almost 40% of the people don’t know what to write about
  • Almost 30% of the people don’t know HOW to write an article

Turn words into traffic takes you through the process of writing an article that is of high quality, and also takes you through the process of determining WHAT to write about. This resource is a “must have” for 70% of the people who know about article writing.

The one thing I would like to see in this ebook is because it covers so much, it can be a bit overwhelming to the person who is first starting out. However if you are serious about your internet presence, then it may be required for you to go a bit slower at first if you are just starting out… but it would very well be worth it.

The other thing that would be nice to see is how article writing works in the world of Web 2.0. I have done a lot of Web 2.0 marketing, and it really isn’t a stretch to take what is in this book and use it in the Web 2.0 world. You would not change the way you would write your articles, and

This ebook really covers all that you would need to know to write a powerful article and it does it in a very supportive way. I would recommend this resource to be in the toolbox of anyone who wants to use articles as a form of marketing their products or services.

Get this articles writing ebook, and begin your powerful article marketing.