Need to buy articles? – There’s Need an Article Writers You Can Use.

For those Internet Entrepreneurs that have realized the importance of article marketing but they don’t know how to create or write articles for themselves, they can always buy articles. There are several ways to do this, you can buy private label articles, or you can pay someone to write your articles for you. The service I’m reviewing is one that writes your articles for you, which is called Need An Article.

Need An Article is actually a membership site that gives you access to writers who actually write unique individual articles for you. You have to pay for each article that is written and it is very reasonable. Prices range from $5.52 to $12.50 for articles ranging from 550 to 1000 words. You can also have a press release written for $16.75. These articles are all unique and are not rewrites of private label articles (although you can have that done for $6.75).

You can have an article written up on almost any subject – although I don’t know if illegal, hate-filled, or porn articles are accepted, so if that is your focus, then you may want to check with them first before joining. When you request an article, you choose the size, and also describe the format that you want for the article. Information the suggest including is the following:

– PROVIDE EXAMPLES — Try to give links to articles which model exactly what you’d like.
– PROVIDE SAMPLE SOURCES — Give links to web pages that display content in the specific aspect of the topic you’d like your article written on.
– SUGGEST ARTICLE STRUCTURE — Suggest a paragraph format with the sub-heading information in each paragraph – I include keyword phrases to use in the article here.

The closer you follow this format, the faster you will get back your article and the more happy you will be with your article. The also have a very detailed blog post about how to get a solid article written by one of their writers.

The quality of the articles that were written were very well done. They were written by English speakers, and read that way. You don’t have to worry about getting articles from people who don’t speak the language, and for the same price per article on elance, you are taking your chances on it being an English speaker or not.

The interface of the site is a bit simplistic, almost to the point of being cheesy, but it does get the job done and is a small price to pay for receiving quality articles at a good price. All of the articles you have requested stay in your account so you can see what you have had written up. You also have a running log of what articles are still in the queue and what articles have been rejected.

Since each writer has their own style that you may or may not like, a new feature is coming that will allow you to pick your own writer to write specific articles for you. Until this feature is completed, this is the biggest drawback I see with the system, but it sounds as if it won’t remain that way for long.

All in all, Need an Article writing service gives you excellent value for your money. The range of services they provide would cover most situations that anyone would encounter for writing articles to promote their products and services. For the low monthly fee of $9.95 it is certainly worth the price to get access to quality writers. The simple interface, and lack of being able to choose your writer doesn’t get in the way of being able to make use of this service and fill in the need having quality articles as an important component of your Internet Marketing Efforts.

Buy articles or find out more about Need an Article and get your marketing efforts off of the ground today.