How To Monetize Your Articles – Article Cash Review

This eBook has been around however it is still should be in everyone’s toolbox who is interested in monetizing their article writing efforts. Article Cash is a detailed strategy on

1) how to find interesting subjects to write about,

2) how to create articles quickly,

3) how to write articles for the different types of monetization techniques and

4) how to find products and services to promote for lifetime residual income.

This eBook is excellent for the beginner who would love to learn how to write articles quickly and monetize them. It shares some great ideas on how to use them in your auto-responder series and in eBooks as well as use them in other ezine newsletters.

The eBook also goes over in detail an auto-responder series you can use to promote affiliate programs – an actual example of an auto responder series is listed so all the reader has to do is copy it and change it to the niche they are working with as well as using their own style of writing. This section could have been structured a bit differently as I had to read it twice to see what was going on, however once I did that, it became clear what the series was and I could see the different messages in the example.
The eBook goes into good detail about how to find affiliate programs and even some good places to find the different types of affiliate programs, residual and one-time. The strategies used are a bit different and the eBook goes into detail about these differences, which could cause you to double or triple your response rate if followed.

The strongest aspects of the eBook are in the examples and the resources that are given, as well as the strategies to implement them. Someone reading this eBook could begin implementing these strategies right away if they wanted to. The strategies are solid and would work when followed. There may be a need to tweak and test, but you get some guidelines (like how much you need to make per affiliate product in order to make a profit).

Some of the weak points is that if you are a brand new beginner that doesn’t know terms like an auto-responder, you could be lost for a couple of days until you catch yourself up on the lingo. While the eBook does mention other things like writing effective titles, it doesn’t go into much detail on how to do that. However you can refer to products and services like Turn Words Into Traffic, or Drive Traffic To My Website where they go into great detail about how to crate catch titles. Drive Traffic To My Website will even help you create a catchy title.

All in all, this is a solid book that should be in everyone’s toolkit if they are interested in learning a solid way to monetize their article writing efforts.  If you are even remotely interested in learning how to monetize your articles, you should make the minimal investment and get Article Cash today.

Articles Writing Them Is Easier Than You Think

Do you want to learn how to write an article? Writing articles is easier than you may think when you have resources that guide you step by step through the writing process. There is one resource that has helped me to write articles, and that resource is an ebook called Turn Words Into Traffic.

Turn Words Into traffic covers all of the necessary aspects of writing articles and is definitely written for the beginner. It covers the following topics:

The article writing process – this covers everything from targeting your audience, to brainstorming your topics to polishing your article and the parts of any highly effective article – to all of the steps in between.

  • The money-making article blueprint – why people will read your articles
  • Techniques for promoting with your articles
  • Getting your article ready for distribution
  • Getting other people to publish your articles
  • Promoting your articles in Ezines
  • Promoting to article directories
  • Promoting your articles in the search engines
  • Making your article viral
  • How to market with articles when you don’t have the time yourself
  • Other creative uses for articles

As you can see with the above this resources covers all of the aspects you would need to not only create an article, because it goes into great detail with each step of the process.. It even preps you for the future for writing follow-up articles, which by the way, is what you need to properly use articles to market you products and services.

I have taken a long running survey on what keeps people from writing articles and

  • Almost 40% of the people don’t know what to write about
  • Almost 30% of the people don’t know HOW to write an article

Turn words into traffic takes you through the process of writing an article that is of high quality, and also takes you through the process of determining WHAT to write about. This resource is a “must have” for 70% of the people who know about article writing.

The one thing I would like to see in this ebook is because it covers so much, it can be a bit overwhelming to the person who is first starting out. However if you are serious about your internet presence, then it may be required for you to go a bit slower at first if you are just starting out… but it would very well be worth it.

The other thing that would be nice to see is how article writing works in the world of Web 2.0. I have done a lot of Web 2.0 marketing, and it really isn’t a stretch to take what is in this book and use it in the Web 2.0 world. You would not change the way you would write your articles, and

This ebook really covers all that you would need to know to write a powerful article and it does it in a very supportive way. I would recommend this resource to be in the toolbox of anyone who wants to use articles as a form of marketing their products or services.

Get this articles writing ebook, and begin your powerful article marketing.

How to write an article that is a traffic magnet to your website

Steps to writing a powerful article

How do you create an article that people want to read? How do you entice them into wanting more? It’s not as difficult as you might think.
  1. Determine the topic of your article.
    You will first need to decide what general subject want to write about. Once you have the subject matter, you will need to focus in on a more specific subject.
  2. Research your market for the topic you have selected.
    Once you determine a topic, research your target market to determine a specific topic for your article. What specific questions are people asking, or what specific problems are they experiencing that you can help with?
  3. Find the keywords used by the people of your target market.
    This step is important because it tells you how your target market is looking for answers to their questions. You will want to use these keywords in your article.
  4. Brainstorm topics for your articles.
    Once you have your data from the previous steps, brainstorm some specific topics you can write about. This process is vital because it will help the creative juices begin to flow. Just begin writing down a bunch of words and phrases that relate to some of the problems people are experiencing, or questions they are asking. You can find a good book about brainstorming.
  5. Develop a Title for the Article
    Once you have a good list of topics based on the keywords, and problems/questions of your target market, create an effective article title that will get a reader’s interest and entice them to read your article. Good titles include “How To” lists, “Top 10” lists, “Things to Avoid” lists, and many others.
  6. Begin Writing
    Now that you have the topic, title, foundation and structure of your article, you can begin writing. Start on the body of the article first. If you have a “Top 10” type of article, then write a paragraph for each of the items in the top 10. Your paragraph should explain why for that item in at least 2 to 3 sentences.
  7. Create the introduction of the article.
    Once you have written the entire body of the article, It will be easy to create the article introduction. Remember, a basic article starts out with telling the reader what you are going to tell them, then tell them, then tell them what you just told them. After you have written the article, it should be easy to tell them what you just wrote about.
  8. Write the conclusion of your article.
    This should be easy because you are re-capping what you just wrote about. If you are promoting a product or service, I find that leaving a question, or giving the reader a teaser of something more is very helpful. I know it isn’t proper ‘etiquitte’, but it helps in leaving the reader wanting more.
  9. Proofread your article
    Once you have written it, look it over for grammar, spelling, flow, and if it speaks to the level of your audience. Double check for factual accuracy. If you can, get someone else to read your article
  10. Create your resource box.
    The resource box is the place you want to direct the reader to a specific call to action, like signing up for your mailing list, calling you, sending them to your website, or buying a product or service. A good structure for the resource box is to state a problem and what they need to do to avoid it. If you have enough space, it is helpful to leave credentials about who you are, and why they should listen to you.
  11. Let the world know about your article! You can find places to promote your article.

Want to be guided through this process, as well as where to promote your article?  Use this article writing services that shows you how to write an article.